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BI - Metallic Connector

Bi- Metallic connectors are used for joining aluminium & copper circular conductors. They are particularly useful, when copper is used as earthing in aluminium lightning protection systems.
Aluminium Barrel : 99.6%
Copper Palm : 99.95%
Final Metal State : Fully Annealed, Including Joint.
Joining method friction welding, welding area more than nominal conductor area.
Finish natural.
Conductor Dia. Product Code
8mm Dia, Al conductor to 8mm Dia, Cu conductor V177-BIC-8
8mm Dia, Al conductor to 25 x 3 Cu tape V177-BIC-825
20 x 3 Al tape to 20 x 3 Cu tape V177-BIC-203
25 x 3 Al tape to 25 x 3 Cu tape V177-BIC-253

Aluminium barrel are chemically treated to reduce contact resistance and corrosion and are filled electrically conductive corrosion inhabitant with a jointing compound and capped.

V177-BIC-253 V177-BIC-825 V177-BCI-8

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